When Life Throws You Curveballs

I’m excited to be featured over at iBelieve.com today. Talking about life’s curveballs…


I never played competitive sports, but I know a thing or two about curveballs.

One Saturday morning, I celebrated my 12th birthday with my best friends at the coolest party ever. The next day, my father passed away from a fatal heart attack.

I spent my high school years working hard in honors classes, dreaming of college admission, only to be forced into full-time employment immediately after graduation.

I worked for 6 years on church staff full-time, and finally found my “true calling” in Children’s Ministry, when our plans suddenly changed, sending my husband and I to another city as he completed his schooling.

Two years later, after being blessed with even greater opportunities and responsibility in Children’s Ministry at another church, I left it all behind to embark on an even greater adventure with my husband, a job in (exciting!) England.

Nope. Wait. Curveball. The location of the job changed to central Illinois.

We always planned on moving closer to Southern California after 3-5 years in Illinois. After 21 months of wonderful Midwest living, just 5 weeks after the birth of our son, we decided, out of the blue, to look for another job back home. In one week, my husband applied, interviewed and accepted a position, and just 3 weeks later, we were moving across the country. Talk about whiplash!

The most recent change of plans? On April 30, I went to a doctor’s appointment thinking I was 12 weeks pregnant with my 2ndchild. Surprise! I was actually pregnant with baby #2 AND baby #3. Twins. That’s quite a curveball.

I know I’m not alone. I’m not the only one who’s experienced some unexpected switch-backs in life. After 33 years of these crazy adventures, I think God might be teaching me a “Curveball Survival Strategy” to get me through it all, and continue to fuel me for the windy road ahead.

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