Marie Osborne is a writer, speaker, and bible teacher passionate about helping others ditch shame and stress for the joy and rest of Jesus Christ. Over the last decade, Marie has been featured in online publications such as (in)courage and Christianity Today as well as her blog, marieosborne.com. A highly sought after SoCal speaker, Marie has had the honor of teaching at over 100 events in the last 7 years. A natural storyteller and engaging Bible teacher, Marie’s messages are equal parts incredibly entertaining and remarkably insightful.

No matter the topic or audience, Marie is known for delivering relatable, thought-provoking teaching. 

Marie lives in Northern San Diego County with her husband of 20 years, Nathan, their 3 children, and a giant golden retriever, Luca. When she isn’t belting show tunes with her family, hiking with her puppy, or grabbing coffee with friends, you can find Marie on Instagram, Facebook, and here on her blog.

Speaking Endorsements

See what people have to say about Marie:

Marie shared such an important message, and she did it with humor and vulnerability that had us all relating and connecting with her right from the start. I loved how she provided the Bible verses to go along with each of the points she made, and her personal stories just brought it all home. Our table had a great discussion afterward. God is doing important work through Marie!


The first time I had Marie come and speak to our MOPs group, I knew she had something special.  Her communication style is relaxed, fun and engaging.  Her messages are the perfect blend of encouragement from God’s Word and personal experience.  Our ladies loved and related to her so well. I’ve had her come back to speak to our MOPs group 3 separate times!  


If I could have Marie come speak all the time, I would!  She is funny, encouraging, inspirational and authentic. But most of all you can tell in every word she says that she loves Jesus and desires to follow him and lead others in their quest to do the same. She speaks truth in a way that is loving and joyful, but also powerful and motivating. Her approachable style makes her so easy to listen to and relate to. Marie amazes me every time!


Speaking Topics

Learning to Receive: The Life-Changing Act of Accepting Help  – For many people, seeking and accepting help is a huge struggle. We feel guilty, embarrassed, or unworthy of asking for help when they need it. But God never intended us to do everything on our own. He is our Helper, sending Jesus help us overcome sin and death and the Holy Spirit to help us become more like Christ. He also gave us fellow Christians to bear our burdens. Marie will share from her own experience of accepting help and how transformative and life-giving it can be when we learn to receive.

Enduring Faith: Sustainable Spiritual Practices for Every Season of Life – When we get busy or distracted, depressed or stressed, one of the things that often goes first is our spiritual practices. We just don’t have the time or energy to persist in these habits when the going gets rough. What if we could adjust our expectations and methods in different seasons? What if there were most sustainable ways to continue growing your faith, building endurance each day, no matter what season of life you are in? Marie shares the various approaches she has taken in to developing an enduring faith.

Overcome the Overwhelm: What To Do When You Have Too Much To Do  – This life is overwhelming. We juggle so much daily, always trying to find a balance (if only we knew what that actually LOOKED like). It’s hard not to always feel like a failure, like you’re always falling behind, like you barely get the urgent things done and never with excellence and NEVER leaving time for important things like spending time with Jesus or, you know, investing in yourself! Marie shares her own struggles with overwhelm and some practical tools for overcoming the cycle together!

Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Learning to Live At Peace With Difficult People  –  Everyone has difficult people in their lives. Maybe it’s an annoying neighbor or rude coworker. Or maybe it’s a long-term relationship with many layers of difficulty. Regardless of the circumstances, God calls us to be peacemakers. But what does that look like? How do we live in relationship with difficult people without becoming drained and depressed? Marie will show us how to make a plan for dealing with the difficult people by drawing on the peace that can only come from God.

Too Busy for Bible Study –  Each of us has so much to do, who has time for traditional bible study? The Instagram ideal of sitting for 30-60 minutes with a candle lit and highlighters at the ready while you intently focus on God’s Word is just not a reality for most of us. What if you could grow in your faith without the long, intense bible study sessions? What if there was a simple, sustainable approach to getting into God’s Word for busy, overwhelmed women? Marie shares her “Sip & Steep” method, a practical approach to spiritual growth for when you are just too busy for bible study.

2023-2024 Speaking Calendar

September 21, St. John’s of Orange, MomLife

October 17, North Coast Leadership Conference

December 2 – Pacific Coast Church, Christmas Event

December 4 & 5, North Coast Church, Arise Women’s Bible Study

January 26-27, North Coast Women’s Conference

February 2-4, Remembrance Community Church Women’s Retreat

February 15, North Coast Church MOPS

February 24, North Coast Children’s Ministry Conference

March 19, Pacific Coast Church MOPS

April 9, Point Loma Community Presbyterian MOPS

April 23, Sunridge Church MOPS

May 3, Tri-City Christian Church

November 19-20, La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church


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