6 Ways to Pray for Marriage (especially for family and friends)

I’m over at iBelieve.com discussing 6 ways to pray for marriage, not just my own, but ALL the marriages around me.

Every year there are certain “mandatory” romantic days. Valentine’s Day. Wedding Anniversary. The kiss at midnight on New Years’ Eve. I try to make sure my husband and I are expressing our love consistently every day, not just a handful of days per year. But these special days, like Valentine’s Day, are a good reminder to reconnect with one another and set aside time to celebrate our love and commitment. Plus, you know, eat chocolate.

Now with social media, after special days like Valentine’s or a friend’s anniversary, we get to see how everyone celebrates. She got flowers. They went out to that new restaurant. Sometime this can cause jealousy and discontent by comparing the grandness and expense of romantic gestures, but this year, rather than getting jealous, I challenge you to pray for marriage, not just your own, but ALL the marriages around you.

You see, we are surrounded by marriages.

And the health of these marriages are integral to the happiness of our loved ones. The raising of our children. The testimony of God on this earth.

I decided long ago that it was important for me, as a friend, to help my friends stay happily married. That has meant a commitment to encouraging positive talk about our husbands and not falling into the female bonding that too often happens around bashing our men. But I’ve recently been convicted to take the next step. To ask myself a rough question…

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