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  • Dealing with Difficult People During the Holidays (Part One)

    Happy Holidays! We just celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner and with the holidays come holiday gatherings, and that means we’re going to see some difficult people. There are all kinds, aren’t there? Maybe you just have a low grade difficult person in your life. An annoying neighbor or…

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  • Becoming A Peacemaker with Difficult People (Part Two)

    I remember exactly where I was standing. Looking around at the beautiful decorations. Listening to the laughter and chatter. The delicious smells coming from the buffet and the cheerful music playing in the background. I had been looking forward to this day for weeks, and I couldn’t wait for the…

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  • Preparing for Peace with Difficult People (Part Three)

    Have you ever prepared yourself properly for spending time with difficult people? During the holidays, we often have more gatherings to attend, and more “opportunities” to spend time with difficult people. But we also pack our schedules with event after event after event. We stay up late online shopping, wrapping…

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  • Out of Deep Waters: Hope In The Depths of Depression

    I can still see the flashes of light, looking up toward the sky from the bottom of the pool, the way the sun played on the ripples of water. I can still see my hair swirling around like the mermaids I often pretended to be, but surely mermaids don’t thrash…

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  • Three Lies That Keep Us From Serving God

    Have You Lost Your Fire for Serving the Lord? Have you ever had a God-given passion? Have you ever started pursuing that passion with the skills God gave you, only to have someone or something discourage your desire and diminish your abilities? Have you ever lost your fire for serving…

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  • (In)courage Guest Post: The Promise After Pruning

    Every morning like clockwork, I would lace up my shoes, step outside as the sunrose, and take my daily walk. As soon as our state instituted stay-at-home orders last year, I instituted this ritual. With the rhythmic pounding of my feet on the pavement, I found a safe space to…

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