Idolizing My College Ministry Faith

I’m over at talking about missing the good ‘ol days of college ministry fiery faith. How can I appreciate but not idolize the faith of my youth? How do I settle into the relationship I have with Christ in this season, while combating apathy and stagnancy?

Um. It’s a hella hard balance, guys.

I became a Christian the summer after I graduated high school. This new found freedom and love in the arms of Christ, while also being welcomed into an encouraging and empowering Christian community, was one of the sweetest times of my life.

I went to church every Sunday. College group every Sunday night. Accountability group every Tuesday. Small Group every Thursday. Plus, quiet time every single day. Throw in 2 retreats per year, leadership meetings every couple months, leadership retreats, and additional weekly service opportunities, and I was clocking some serious time with and in service to God.

That was 15 years ago, and my life is very different. I still go to church every Sunday. Unless my son is sick, or I’m still recovering from having twins, or you know, life happens.

I still go to small group one night per week. It’s a wonderful time to connect with other young families and reminisce about the time we used to spend with God. How each of us used to serve more, have more regular quiet time, feel so connected and in touch with our God.

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