Accepting Our Postpartum Bodies

I’m over at today talking about postpartum body image. How did you feel about your body after baby? 

New Year’s Resolutions. That means ditching the sweets and hitting the gym. For mamas with new babies, weighed down by those postpartum pounds, even more so. Shed that weight, ladies! Lest you spend 2014 looking in the mirror, calling yourself the dreaded “f-word.”

After the birth of my son, I was heavy laden with postpartum shame. I sat sullen on the couch, nursing my babe, sadly, softly repeating these words in my head…

“I’m so fat.”

This adjective that made my world grey and my body a prison. I was ashamed and defeated. Because I hadn’t shed the weight as quickly as expected. Because breastfeeding didn’t melt the pounds away. Because I didn’t leave the hospital having dropped double digits. Because I was one of those moms. The ones that still cart around the baby weight while carting around their baby.

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