About Me

Allow me to me introduce myself. I’m a writer, speaker, and mom of 3 who is passionate about helping weary, overwhelmed women find renewed strength in Christ. That’s the short version. The longer version?

A little MORE about me…

I became of follower of Christ after high school, which means I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Learning about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, how He had paid the price so I could have new life on earth and spend eternity with Him, well… that good news changed my life.

Without the example of Christian parents, I have had to move through marriage and motherhood as a first generation Christian. I often write for that young woman I once was, who is moving through adulthood, marriage, and into motherhood, without an example to follow. If that’s you, I hope my words encourage your.

I’ve been married for 20 years, and I have a 12-year-old son and twin 10-year-old girls. The transition to motherhood was hard for me, and it was hard AGAIN after I had the twins. I write about the ups and downs of motherhood, hoping to encourage moms of newborns, littles, and school age kids to keep going, fight the good fight, and lean on Jesus every step of the way.

I am very open about my struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as what it’s like to navigate neurodiversity. These things have deeply impacted my walk with the Lord, and I strive to be a source of hope and encouragement for women on the same journey.

Connect with me!

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Feel free to drop me a note any time. I love to hear from you!